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The Pridgen Platform
Vision for Change: Policies for a Progressive Future
The Pridgen Platform
Vision for Change: Policies for a Progressive Future

Waterways & Water Systems

My policies will protect our precious water from contamination and overuse so all North Carolinians have access to this basic necessity. I will promote clean and safe drinking water through enhanced water quality monitoring to quickly detect pollution, stronger controls and penalties on industrial dumping, and investments to upgrade aging infrastructure across all communities.

Soil & Air

Community education and engagement will be key to fostering understanding of best practices for safeguarding the quality of our soil and air. My comprehensive approach focuses on restoring the health of our natural resources to ensure clean air to breathe and healthy soil to support our farms, ecosystems and communities.

Farming & Food Production

I am committed to resilience, equity and sustainability across North Carolina's food and farming sectors. I will champion sustainable food systems and farming practices that are environmentally sound, economically viable for farmers, and provide healthy, fresh food for all. My policies will incentivize regenerative agriculture, invest in innovative technologies to improve yields, and strengthen local food supplies while protecting the health and welfare of agricultural workers and rural communities.

Hurricane Recovery

I will strengthen defenses against hurricanes and floods by funding resilient infrastructure designed to withstand storms, restoring natural barriers like wetlands, and requiring comprehensive preparation plans so communities can respond effectively. Recovery efforts will be community-led, meeting the needs of those impacted and ensuring sustainability. My policies will build resilience through infrastructure, ecosystem restoration, disaster readiness, and empowering vulnerable communities most at risk.

Housing & Homelessness

I will tackle Southeastern North Carolina's struggles with housing insecurity, economic immobility, and crumbling infrastructure that have pained rural families. My policies will increase affordable housing, prevent evictions and homelessness, spur economic growth, and rebuild decaying roads and bridges.

Minimum Wage

I will fight to boost the minimum wage so that no full-time worker lives in poverty. I support gradually raising the minimum wage to a living wage, one that allows workers to provide for themselves and their families. The minimum wage must also keep pace with inflation, so that its purchasing power does not erode over time.

Small Business Support

I will nurture small business and industry in rural areas through technical training, funding access, and mentoring for entrepreneurs. Partnerships between local leaders and educators will identify promising, new growth sectors for targeted development. My plans will enable small farms to tap into local supply chains and make value-added goods, fostering agricultural economic opportunities.


I will upgrade inadequate infrastructure hampering rural areas with substantial investments modernizing roads, bridges, public transit, water systems, and wastewater treatment. Expanded broadband access will close the rural digital divide enabling communities to thrive in the modern economy. My infrastructure plan targets expanded connectivity through transportation networks and high-speed internet to unlock economic opportunities for rural North Carolinians.

Healthcare - Addressing Pre-determinants and Pre-existing

I will improve healthcare access and outcomes by addressing social determinants and protecting people with pre-existing conditions, efforts crucial for health equity. My policies will assess and intervene on socioeconomic barriers; advocate for affordable coverage regardless of conditions; expand Medicaid locally; and invest in mental health services.

Healthcare - Addressing Plaguing Conditions such as Cancer: Comprehensive & Diverse Approach

I will combat cancer's crushing impact through increased funding for research of innovative treatments, early detection and targeted therapies to save lives. My prevention policies will center on education, screenings, healthy lifestyles and reducing environmental risks, while treatment access will be expanded and made affordable via cost-lowering measures. We will improve cancer care and survivorship by addressing research, prevention, accessibility, diversity in trials, survivor services and palliative offerings that uplift patients and families.

Mental Health

I will prioritize mental health by allocating resources to counseling, therapy, crisis services, and early intervention programs in underserved schools and communities. My policies will expand access points through funding for facilities and providers in rural areas, equip educators to recognize student distress, and integrate identification plus treatment into primary care. Comprehensive initiatives targeting mental health promotion, early support for those struggling, and healthcare integration will help rural youth and families across District 7 achieve emotional well-being.

Drug Abuse

I will combat substance abuse through enhanced drug prevention education in schools and communities to promote healthy choices. Treatment and rehabilitation access will be expanded to provide affordable detox, counseling, medication therapy and peer support for rural families struggling with addiction. Harm reduction strategies like syringe programs, naloxone access, and supervised sites will also be backed to save lives from overdoses.

Gun Safety

I will implement universal background checks closing loopholes in all firearm sales to keep guns from dangerous individuals. Banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines will reduce the lethality of shootings. Safe storage laws and public awareness campaigns will secure firearms from unauthorized usage preventing avoidable tragedies.

Clear Lines on Discrimination

I will strengthen anti-discrimination protections for marginalized communities in voting rights, jobs, housing and beyond to build an equitable society. Voter suppression tactics will be opposed and ballot access expanded so all voices are heard. Enforcement and promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion will combat barriers facing people of color, women, LGBTQ individuals, those with disabilities and other groups. Fairness and justice demands clear lines against discrimination.

Public Education

My education policies will address disparities for low-income students by directing funds to the schools needing it most so all children have opportunities to thrive. Investing in early intervention, educators, infrastructure and learning environments will nurture development. Public education in District 7 will be strengthened through equitable funding to disadvantaged areas, expanding access to quality early childhood learning, and robustly supporting teachers through competitive pay, training, and classroom resources.

Quarterly Meetings

I will convene quarterly meetings with local and state leaders, rotating locations to spur economic growth, improve healthcare, rebuild infrastructure, strengthen education, and foster community well-being. These gatherings will collaboratively set agendas centered on priority issues raised by officials and residents. I will transparently communicate insights while bringing together voices at all levels to drive progress across North Carolina’s 7th District.

Develop Cooperative Working Groups in Each County to Help Build Support for Issues from this Congressional District

Compassionate leadership will manifest through prioritizing constituents' needs, uplifting marginalized voices, and creating curriculum that fosters future generations' involvement in governance. Locals will join cooperative networks and essential service registries to directly address community challenges. Breaking cycles of representative indifference requires member-constituent cohesion through transparency and adaptability.


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