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Leadership for a Stronger North Carolina.

Welcome to the official campaign website of Marlando Pridgen, a dedicated and visionary leader running to represent North Carolina's 7th Congressional District. Rooted in the steadfast values of community, equality, and progress, Marlando is deeply committed to creating a more inclusive, just, and sustainable future for every resident of our district.

Core Values:

- Equity and Social Justice: Marlando believes in a world where everyone, regardless of their background, has the equal opportunity to thrive. He stands for policies that dismantle systemic inequalities, ensuring that underrepresented and underserved communities have a powerful advocate in Congress.

- Sustainable Prosperity: Embodying a mission to pave the way for a sustainable future, Marlando sets forth an agenda to address climate, health, and education to assure that all can share in a promise of a more inclusive North Carolina.

- Inclusion and Community Power: Marlando aims to bridge the resource gap in rural communities.

Join Marlando Pridgen — Together, we can build a time of monumental good, a people of resonant law, and a field of inventive policy that lay still, a day of commons at each one's feet. Let's champion the change we wish to see in North Carolina.


mailing contact:
PO Box 335 - Whiteville, NC 28472